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Time to Raise Hell

It’s difficult for me to articulate the rage I feel about our current government’s willingness to commit murder, yes murder, against millions of its citizens by denying them basic access to health care. Everything I want to write feels so radical, so hyperbolic. And yet…
DH and I tried watching Man in the High Castle a few months back. I was not impressed. In academia, the thing you study tends to say a lot about you. In Don DeLillo’s WHITE NOISE, for instance, the main character is a professor of “Hitler Studies” (but he doesn’t speak German!), and watching this show made me feel like this main character, a voyeur into my deepest, darkest impulses to protect my own white privilege. It felt gross. Not a fantasy I wish to indulge in, obviously. Anyway, there’s a scene where one of the main characters stands beside a freeway and all this ash is falling around him. He turns to the man who had pulled over to help him fix his flat tire, and the man explains that there’s a concentration camp nearby where they incinerate the elderly and the disabled. “A drag on the state,” he says.
I think about that scene a lot on days like these. The flippant way the man so easily accepted the death of…how many? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? A drag on the state.
I think of the time I switched jobs and was pregnant and could not get affordable insurance because I was a “pre-existing condition.” A pregnant woman at 31. A walking pre-existing condition. Imagine.
A drag on the state.
I think of my grandmother who worked so hard for most of her life so that one day, a generation later, I could go to college and prosper, pay taxes, contribute to society. My grandmother who is now dependent on Medicaid for her care because what middle class family can afford to pay 3K a month for her long-term care? Even if our family pooled our resources together, we could never afford such a price tag on our own. And yet…this is what Republicans would ask of us.
A drag on the state.
The Republicans bill only has 17% of public approval, and why? Because all of us have stories like these. Stories where we had to go without a doctor’s visit because the burden would be too much. Because we had to choose between paying a heating bill or getting that weird lump, pain, consistent cough, checked out. We wanted something better and the ACA made steps toward that. Yes, it’s not perfect, but anything that shoves 33 million people off of their insurance is not a viable alternative. It is a humanitarian crisis.
Or perhaps it’s..a drag on the state?
For many Americans today who rely on the ACA, the Republicans might as well have pushed them into the gas chamber. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Call your Senators. Make their lives hell. Tell them what you want for yourself and your family. We are the wealthiest country on this planet, but history will judge us by how we treat our most vulnerable populations–by how we treat our sick and our elderly.
Raise hell. Contact your Representatives.
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Dear Readers,

I am so happy to share this book with you today. I will tell you, when I first started writing what would later become THE CAPTAIN’S REBEL, I was in one of those magical creative spaces that can only come from devastating artistic failure. I had been querying what would later become THROUGH THE VEIL, and I had an inbox full of rejections. I decided to change tack and write erotica, a little story I had always wanted to write based on one of my favorite traditional Irish songs, “The Maid That Sleeps in Love.” From the moment I started writing, I knew I had something special. The voice of Mary hit me like a tidal wave, and she wouldn’t let go until I wrote her entire story. Yes, this is a BDSM erotica and the scenes are hot. But the reviews are in, and readers are loving it:

5 Stars: “…by the end of the first few pages I was hooked, and I could not stop turning the pages until the end.” – Stacy Reid, author of Accidentally Compromising the Duke

4 Stars: “If you’re looking for a hot and spicy read, then grab this one!” – Jennifer Theriot, USA Today Bestselling Author

5 Stars: “The sex is HOT and delightfully plentiful, and even better, neither is ashamed of who they are and what they want. (Did I mention the sex is hot? Because oooh boy they have some fun…)” – Nicola Davidson, author of The Devil’s Submission

4 Stars: “Wow this book was hawt. I don’t think I was expecting that but never the less, I really enjoyed it.” – Taylor Bellitto, Goodreads

5 Stars: “Oooh la la!!! Very enjoyable read. Not only is The Captain’s Rebel a racy and saucy dish, it is well-written! Such a delightful change of pace from the dull bits between the hot scenes that you sometimes find in the “bodice ripper” category of romance novels.” – Sue Mendel, Goodreads

4 Stars: “…when I learned there was a cross-dressing heroine topped (ha!) with a sexual submissive plotline, I was sold!…It was total catnip for me, and I can’t wait for more from this author.” – Michaelene Malan, Goodreads

5 Stars: “I loved The Captain’s Rebel, and highly recommend it if you like action-packed adventure on the high seas with strong women, alpha males, heroes, traitors, and pirates mixed with some hot and steamy romance.” – JMH, Goodreads

4 Stars: “I was hooked instantly in this story…This book was not what I was expecting at all! This is 50 Shades of Pirates!” – Micheala, Goodreads

5 Stars: “With a heat level that would make E.L. James’ inner goddess blush and prose that took me away to another time, this was a fantastic read. Twists and turns aplenty.” – Anne Conley, author of the Pierce Securities series

4 Stars: “This is the first book by the author that I have read and it was fast paced, entertaining, and scorching hot! So hot, that I thought my kindle might melt from the heat at various points in the book!” – Kim Tran Kao, Goodreads

I’m pleased to present this book to you, but most of all, I’m excited to share this story of revolution and rebellion, of romanticism and redemption. As some of you know, I wrote my dissertation on the 1798 Irish Uprising, and there is a little piece of that in this book, the culmination of years of work funneled into a tiny, 5’4″ curly-haired, wisp of a woman who refuses to give up. Mary is the kind of heroine a lot of us need right now, and I know you will love her and her  incredible adventure across the sea in the arms of the sexy Captain Grant.

So here is where you can purchase it:

Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:

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You all know I love a good party, right?


It’s only five days (FIVE DAYS!) until the release of THE CAPTAIN’S REBEL, and I couldn’t be more excited! I love this book so much. To me, it has everything–adventure, sex, a strong heroine, a hot Captain, pirates, BDSM-loving lesbians, and sex. Haha! All the hot, kinky, stuck-in-the-Captain’s- cabin sexy times.

You can RSVP HERE!

I’ll be hosting a small party to celebrate on my Facebook author page. I’m going to have tons of giveaways. Jewelry from Silver Beach Sea Glass, free books, gift cards from Feminist Apparel, and a huge big box of hot historical romance paperbacks. If I can figure out Facebook live, I’ll also do a reading.

This event is more than just about THE CAPTAIN’S REBEL. It’s about celebrating all the strong woman in my life who have supported me and the female-centered businesses that keep me inspired. My friend Kathy is the artist behind Silver Beach Sea Glass, and the big box of paperbacks will feature some of my closest lady writer friends who write historical. If you enjoy Captain’s Rebel, you’ll really love their books.

Make sure to put the kiddies to bed beforehand and grab the wine. Can’t wait to see you there!